Success Stories

Workshops and Classes:

“Truly uplifting!”  – Corinne Shaw

“Inspiring and so warm with so much trust.”  – William Ostram

“Really enjoyed the class and thanks for giving us all a safe space to grow in confidence and learn new techniques.”  – Grace Abamba

“Wonderful workshop!  Thank you Julie-Anne.”  – Len Waterman

“My wonderful experience began with the warm welcome email.  Your voice range is truly inspirational.  Enjoyed the focus on the value and quality of each individual voice in the group.”  – Nick Wolff

“Very enjoyable, great fun and very helpful technically too.  Thank you.”  – David Warren

“Opportunity for one-to-one advice very much appreciated.”  – Evelyn Wide

“Thanks for a wonderful day – so positive and a real pleasure.”  – Alan Briten

“Thank you for being so encouraging and creating such a lovely space to just try things out.  I felt as though I broke some barriers and have increased my motivation to do more.”  – Manuala Galan

“Loads of fun and so helpful! I’ll be sure to take your advice for my performance and my future.”  – Danny Welsh

One-on-one Sessions: 

Julie-Anne was great with my daughter on her first online singing lesson. She was patient and has a very soothing presence.”  – Jo, mother of daughter Isabela aged 3.

Awesome teacher, gives the best tips and is extremely helpful   – Luke, aged 15

Excellent in all aspects, from vocal training to stage presence and bringing out a song’s emotional meaning.   – Kerry C

My daughter enjoyed her first lesson with Julie-Anne!  – Natasha, parent of Tatum aged 11

“Julia-Anne did a great job with my 11yo child. She is patient and tailored lesson for my child’s skill level. She is ontime and organized. Thanks and looking forward to rest of lessons!  – Marjory, parent of Rachel aged 11

Great teacher, very knowledgeable and supportive. Inspires a desire to succeed in your quest. Very personable, making the lessons an enjoyable experience.  – Michael

Julie-Anne is an amazing teacher! She is very helpful in teaching me techniques that helped me widen my vocal range. She also is very helpful in guiding me on how to make a song my own. I feel like I have improved so much on my singing thanks to her guidance!  – Erriette

Very professional and relaxed first lesson, Thank you.  – Michelle

Julie-Anne is very easy to work with! She explains what you could do better and helps you through it. She gives good advice.  – Ellie

Julie-Anne was great! Very helpful and supportive of my daughter’s singing. She also was wonderful to work with when we had a tight schedule and a deadline. We would definitely work with her again!   – Erin

I’ve been working at getting my voice in pitch over the last couple of years and have worked with some wonderul teachers along the way. 

Julie guided how to feel what I was singing and all of a suden, all of the pices started to come together. So frateful I found her. 

She is a wonderful and gifted teacher.   – Geoffrey

Excellent and very friendly teacher. My daughter loves it and I can see…sorry hear the progress.  – Kay

Julie-Anne has the voice of an angel. As a teacher she is patient, empathetic and encouraging. I highly recommend her.  – Gary

Do you want to find your voice and experience joy in a safe environment- then Julie Anne is the person to get you there- you leave feeling uplifted and energised. Highly recommend this event and this teacher……enjoy !!!   – Susan

Julie-Anne has been such a positive teacher. She has helped me start singing with confidence and joy. I’ve enjoyed every minute of the lessons and I think the results are starting to show.   – David

Julie-Anne immediately made me feel comfortable with my voice and had me singing unself-consiously in no time. Her professionalism and technical knowledgeable are blended with warmth and humour. I highly recommend her to singers of all levels, including people who think they ‘can’t sing’. She’s a wonderful teacher!   – Cat

Incredibly passionate, very empathetic, and great listener. She truly can demonstrate that literally anyone can sing, and turn a dull song into a virtuoso.  – Tim


Julie-Anne is an inspiring and skilled teacher. She creates a space where you feel confident to sing even when you’re a beginner, as I am. She manages all levels of ability and confidence and by the time you leave the lesson you feel positive and relaxed. Singing is great fun when she’s teaching you! 
– Diane