Meet Julie-Anne


Meet Julie-Anne

Julie-Anne Grace is a talented Singer, Songwriter, Performer and Vocal/Performance Coach. She was born in Wales, a part of the UK known as the “the land of song” and renowned for producing a love of singing from it’s people.

Julie-Anne has been particularly influenced by Singer/Songwriters such as Elton John, Carol King, Billy Joel, Michael McDonald, Leonard Cohen, Bonnie Rait, Sia, Sarah McClaughlan, Patty Giffin, and Alicia Keys to name just a few.

Growing up in London, she was part of the city’s music scene in numerous bands and later as part of various piano and guitar duos in restaurants, bars, top hotels and weddings and events in the UK and the USA. In more recent years Julie-Anne has been more focused on writing and performing her original material.

Julie-Anne has dual U.K. and U.S.A. citizenship having lived in Santa Monica, California between 2007 and 2017, she now spends her time between London, California and Bali, Indonesia.

Julie-Anne sings from her heart and soul in a way that deeply engages and connects with her audience. She wants her audience to feel something when she sings. Her emotive and inspiring style never fail to leave her audiences wanting more.

A talented Songwriter, “Met by Grace” is Julie-Anne’s first album and features a range of songs she wrote during a particularly tough time in her life when her marriage ended and her life fell apart and she left California for Bali, Indonesia where the album was written. The album takes the listener on a journey from the darkness of adversity to the joy of healing and soaring high!

As a Vocal/Performance Coach, Julie-Anne teaches individuals privately and leads group classes, workshops, events and retreats. As well as leading these in the UK, other locations have included Bali, India, Malaysia, Thailand and the USA Julie-Anne creates a safe space for people to find their voice and experience the true joy of singing.

Julie-Anne also draws from her experience as a Healing Coach to support people through the blocks and limiting beliefs they may have about singing and performing – beliefs that have often been formed as a result of traumatic experiences when they were young such as being told to be quiet or being rejected from the school school choir. This can be a hugely healing experience as it can for anyone experiencing symptoms such as anxiety or depression.

Everyone leaves her workshops, lessons and performances feeling uplifted and inspired to keep on singing and keep coming back for more!

Julie-Anne is also the founder of Love is Always Kind, where she offers a range of coaching/healing services to support women through Narcissistic Abuse Recovery. Julie-Anne also does performances where she shares her story through singing, incorporating narration/story-telling and images from her life, and bringing people together to discover the many ways in which they relate. A truly beautiful experience.

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