Meet Julie-Anne


Meet Julie-Anne

Originally from the UK, Julie-Anne Shapiro is a talented Singer, Songwriter, Performer and Vocal/Performance Coach. She was born in Wales, a part of the UK where people are especially known for their voices and love of singing!  Both her parents sang in the church choir and her own love of singing naturally followed.

Julie-Anne has been particularly influenced by Singer/Songwriters such as Elton John, Carol King, Billy Joel, Michael McDonald, Leonard Cohen, Bonnie Rait, Sia, Sarah McClaughlan, Patty Giffin,  and Alicia Keys to name just a few.

Growing up in London, she was part of the city’s music scene in numerous bands and later as part of various piano and guitar duos in restaurants, bars, top hotels and weddings as well as on-board cruise-liners. She has gone on to sing at festivals and events around the world, lighting up audiences everywhere she goes.

Julie-Anne has dual U.K. and U.S.A. citizenship having lived in Santa Monica, California between 2007 and 2017, she now spends her time between London, California and Bali, where she regularly runs singing retreats.

Julie-Anne sings from her heart and soul in a way that deeply engages and connects with her audience.  She wants her audience to feel something when she sings.  Her emotive and inspiring style never fail to leave her audiences wanting more.

A talented Songwriter, “Met by Grace” is Julie-Anne’s first album and features a range of songs she wrote about her life.  Her inspiration for the album came when her marriage ended and her life fell apart.  She lost her husband, family, home, work and moved to another country – her whole identity as she had known it was gone.  When her marriage ended she left California (where she had moved from the UK to marry her American husband) for Bali, where the album was written.  The album follows her journey from being born into a toxic and abusive family environment, her travels around the world, various relationships, her marriage, the grief of divorce and narcissistic abuse and her ultimate joy that came from healing and self-love.

Julie-Anne is also a well established Love and Relationship Coach and Speaker. She now firmly believes that everything that has happened to her was meant to happen to enable her to heal at the deepest level and take this healing and all of the wisdom and insights she has gained to others.  Her intention is to do this through her new Love and Relationship work and her music.  Her aim is to inspire and empower others with the message that she has navigated the pain and darkness and has made it through to the other side with joy and the ability to thrive, and that they can too when they love themselves first.

As a vocal coach, Julie-Anne teaches individuals privately and leads group classes, workshops, events and retreats.  She creates a safe space for people to find their voice and experience the true joy of singing.  Everyone leaves her workshops feeling uplifted and inspired to keep singing.  Julie-Anne also loves to bring music and singing into her Love and Relationship workshops and events.

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Coaching & Classes

Coaching & Classes

Have a private lesson or join a class or workshop!  Singing is a wonderful way to express yourself and connect with others.  Take a look at the following links for more info.

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