Performance Workshops

Singing/Performance Workshops

“The Joy of Singing” Masterclass

Next event: Sunday February 1st, 1o-5pm

Lantern Arts Center, Raynes Park – 25 pounds

Join Julie-Anne for this uplifting and joyful one-day masterclass. Julie-Anne creates a safe space for you to explore and enjoy your voice.

The day will cover a mix of singing technique and performance skills, along with group singing and an opportunity for each singer to sing solo a song of their choice, and receive feedback from Julie-Anne and the rest of the group.

Our group portion will include:

  • Rounds, harmonies, call and response
  • Pop, rock, folk, world-music and everything in between!
  • Move, dance, clap and sing with your whole body
  • Inspiring songs with an empowering message
  • Freedom and expression
  • Upbeat and FUN FUN FUN!


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