Performance Course & Show

Performance Course and Show

Next Course: February at the Lantern Arts Center, Raynes Park.  Dates coming soon…

Join Julie-Anne for this fun and uplifting course in which she creates a safe and loving space for singers to express and unleash their voice.  Open to all levels of ability including complete beginners, each singer will choose two songs to work on and receive loving feedback and coaching for their vocal technique and performance skills.  It will all culminate in  a performance for friends and family.  Not to be missed and so much fun, you will be left with renewed confidence, self-expression and wanting more!

Some of the things we cover are:
  • Vocal technique
  • Breathing and phrasing of a song
  • Overcoming nerves and using them to enhance your performance
  • Making a song your own
  • Releasing limiting blocks and beliefs to being your very best YOU!
  • Connecting with the emotion of a song and telling the story
  • Eye-contact, body language and connecting with an audience
  • Microphone technique
  • Working the stage
  • Communicating and working with musicians

Plus so much more…

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