Healing Through Singing

Healing through Singing

Singing can be very healing for those who may be suffering with symptoms such as anxiety and depression as so many of us have.

Many of us have also had experiences when we were young such as being told to be quiet, being thrown out of the school choir or our voice being criticized in some other way.

We may also have experienced trauma of some kind and find it difficult to talk about our experiences and express our emotions, yet can discover our true voice and express these emotions through singing.

I draw on my experience as a Love and Relationship Coach and Therapist and as a Vocal/Performance Coach, bringing each together to help people release the limiting blocks, beliefs and trauma that has formed through past events thus freeing them up to find and express their voice in a new way.

People can discover the true community and sense of belonging that comes with singing in a group or the true liberation of working privately in a safe space.

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