My Story Through Music Performances

My Journey to Freedom from the Chains of Abuse


Next event: Sunday January 19th, 7pm

Lantern Arts Center, Raynes Park 

Price: £10 Pounds 

Join Julie-Anne for an inspiring evening as she shares her personal story through music and her album  “Met by Grace,”  along with a range of cover songs that have been meaningful to her on her journey.  Written in Bali, the album was inspired when she was going through a divorce and her life fell apart. With a toxic family environment, the pain of various relationships,  her travels around the world, the joy of finding who she thought was the love of her life, the grief of divorce, the agony of narcissistic abuse and the ultimate joy of healing and self-love and indeed being met by grace.

With narration, story-telling, imagery waved through as well as from-the-heart sharing and the opportunity to ask questions or share in this intimate, loving space, you are sure to leave feeling moved, inspired and uplifted.