Enjoy, explore, expires and enter the joy of the singing!

Singing is a truly wonderful form of self-expression yet it can also feel very vulnerable to express ourselves in this way.  Our voice is a delicate part of ourselves often crying out to be heard.  As a Vocal and Performance Coach, I have met many people over the years who genuinely would love to sing or regularly sing behind closed doors, yet to sing in public feels very scary or even impossible.  Many people have stories of being thrown out of the school choir or publicly humiliated/criticized in some way and have resolved to never sing in public again, convinced that they can’t sing and disliking their own voice while secretly longing to sing.

When we have had these experiences it can indeed be devastating and so very sad.  I believe that everyone has the ability to sing and everyone’s voice needs and deserves to be heard. My aim is to create a safe and loving space for people to explore and enjoy their voice to it’s fullest potential whatever their level of singing experience or skill.

I am also a Love/Relationship Coach and like to also bring in this part of my experience to support people to move through the beliefs and blocks many of us have to singing – beliefs such as “I’m not good enough,” I can’t sing” or “no-one wants to listen to me.”  It is truly wonderful and inspiring when I watch people emerge out of these old beliefs and blossom into their unique voices in all of their glory – yeah!

Breathing and starting to be conscious of the way we breathe is so very important.  When we breathe properly we slow down and become connected with our bodies to reduce anxiety and create space inside to start to express our voices.

A combination of feeling safe, learning to breathe properly, singing songs you love and having fun with singing as well as starting to catch the negative voices and self-criticism,  creates a foundation to experience  the true joy of singing.

Quick tips:

  • Start to become conscious of your breathing.  Standing still with  your arms, shoulders and knees relaxed, breath deeply into your stomach and feel it fill up like a balloon, then let the breath gently fall away as you exhale.  Notice whether your shoulders rise as you do this.  If they do it’s a signal to breath deeper into your stomach, keep shoulders nice and relaxed and still.
  • Start to become aware of the negative voices about your singing or your own self-criticism.  Start to catch yourself whenever you tell yourself you can’t sing.  When this happens, practice being very loving and kind to yourself.  You might want to gently stroke your throat and say to yourself “I am learning to love my voice.”
  • Choose a couple of songs that you really love.  Start with something simple if necessary and sing sing and sing!  Take small steps.  If you currently never sing,  then sing in the shower.  If you currently only sing in the shower, then start to sing around the rest of the house.  If you’re comfortable singing around the house, gather a group of friends for a sing-song!   If you’re comfortable with singing for friends and family, look for an open mic.  You get the idea – start to stretch yourself step by step.

I would love to support you on your singing journey!  Have a look around my site to see how you can get started with a one-to-one lesson or an upcoming workshop or course for all levels of ability from complete beginners to more advanced.

Let’s do this together, your voice needs to be heard.

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